Pricing Details
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Corporate Individual
VIP Silver
300₺ /Monthly
  • 30 VIP Machines
  • 30 VIP CTF
  • Access to Retired Machinery and CTFs
  • 525 Bonus Questions
  • Special Container Area
  • Profile Customization
  • Unlimited Revert Authority
3.000₺ /One Time Package
The package will not be renewed continuously and will be available once.
  • 3-Month Silver Package
  • 5-Day White Hat Hacker Training
  • 3 Simulation Rights
  • 1050 Additional Bonus Questions
  • Priority Support
Please contact for detailed information.
  • Scalable
  • Monthly / Annual Use
  • Corporate Specific Reporting
  • Exercise Module
  • Education Module
  • Simulation Module
  • Interview Infrastructure
  • Creating Job Postings
Cyber Army
Please contact for detailed information.
  • High Usability
  • Unlimited Users
  • Exercise Module
  • Education Module
  • Simulation Module
  • Assignment
  • Military Rank System
  • Privatization According to Disciplines
Please contact for detailed information.
  • Special for Educational Institutions
  • Tutorial Simulation
  • Exam Module
  • Video Education
  • Creating Class
  • Student Reporting
  • Cross-Class Tournament
  • Student Comparison
Features of PriviaHub
Cloud Support
PriviaHub is integrated into Amazon, Azure or Google Cloud systems used in institutions, allowing you to create a private laboratory in your cloud infrastructure. For organizations that do not use the cloud infrastructure, the laboratory environment is provided by Privia Security.
Interview Infrastructure
Successfully complete your job interviews with a special infrastructure to conduct technical interviews in recruitment. Find the right staff by comparing the technical skills of the interviewees.
Human Resources
Follow the technical development of the staff by measuring the performance of the users. Get many customized reports such as time spent on systems, questions solved, and achievements.
Create reports based on user, machine, category, distribution of success, difficulty levels. Using the methodologies in the cyber security lifecycle, take the most accurate technical measurements.
Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get support?

You can get support by contacting our specialists with the Ticket (Support) module in PriviaHub.

What are the Silver package details?

You can reach all the details of our Individual / Corporate products on our prices page. If you wish, you can contact us at

What is the difference between UDP and TCP in VPN preference?

It is possible to access systems with both VPNs. However, UDP VPNs have faster network communication due to the nature of the protocol used. You can change your VPN preferences according to the structure of the network you are on.

How can I buy Coins?

After logging into PriviaHub, you can purchase any amount of HubCoin you want by clicking the purchase icon in our top right menu.

How can I send feedback?

In order to provide feedback to all machines and CTF questions, you must first enter "Bonus Questions" and "Flags" into the system.

How to get revert authorization to the machines?

In order to assign "Fast Revert" to the machines, you must have a VIP user or 2000 full points earned in the system.

What is the container limit for VIP packages?

VIP machines have a customized container structure. A maximum of 20 users are included for each container.

How can I send a write-up?

You can send the write-ups to us by using the "Write-up" menu in the "Knowledge Base" module. Keep in mind; write-ups will only be released when machines are retired. New write-ups will not be accepted for the machines that sent 3 Write-ups.

How can I be informed about innovations and campaigns?

You can use the subscription section by e-mail on our PriviaHub website.

Do you have other questions?
If you can't find the answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible!
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