Your Opening Door to the Cyber World
PriviaHub is an online Cyber Security Training, Simulation and Exercise (Cyber Range) Platform that allows anyone working in private companies, public institutions and organizations or those interested in cyber security to increase their knowledge and practice.
Cyber Security Training and Exercise Platform
We provide an environment where everyone interested in cyber security, from beginner to senior expertise, can improve themselves. PriviaHub offers its users the opportunity to improve themselves in systems with up-to-date infrastructure and network architecture encountered in the real world.
Technical Measurement an Analysis
Minimize your risks by evaluating your cyber security ecosystem on both product and personnel basis with the technical evaluation results and analyzes prepared based on the multiple evaluation criteria provided by PriviaHub Enterprise.
Risk Analysis
With the PriviaHub platform, you can learn the current status of all the components you have entrusted to cyber security, and by following its development, you can minimize the potential risks. This interactive management environment provided by PriviaHub Enterprise will help you to see risks with concrete data and help you make more effective decisions.
Technical Interview Infrastructure
The growth of the cyber security ecosystem requires that expertise levels in different areas are assessed separately. Test the expertise of the staff you want to include with your technical interview infrastructure from PriviaHub Enterprise.
Sensei Module
You will have a real-time simulation experience with the sensei module on PriviaHub. You can improve your knowledge and experience with the sensei module where real systems are simulated and you can increase your experience by practicing.
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