PriviaHub Enterprise version supports all modules and features. You can have unlimited users on this version or you can take advantage of all the modular features we offer. Advanced features are available internally to PriviaHub Enterprise institutions, cyber armies and universities.

Cyber Range Platform

The increasing complexity of cyber attacks today makes it difficult to detect and eliminate vulnerabilities. Users will be able to examine current vulnerabilities on virtual systems with special scenarios on the PriviaHub Cyber Range Platform and gain experience before performing any action on the enterprise's live systems. Users are expected to exploit vulnerabilities in machines with vulnerabilities, access the flags placed on the machines and enter the area specified on the platform. The machines on the platform are developed by our special team of Cyber Security Experts.

With PriviaHub Enterprise, you can follow the progress of your cyber security team located in your institution, receive special reports and increase their expertise with the Cyber Range program you will create.

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