Why PriviaHub?

Security and risk management leaders responsible for cyber security should consider different use cases for the cyber range. Organizations can develop new skills and competencies to increase corporate resilience and manage new risks of digital business. Gartner - March 2018
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What is Cyber Range Platform?

PriviaHub, which has been presented with a unique infrastructure and prominent features is Turkey's first and only Cyber Range platform. PriviaHub; It is an online cyber security training and exercise platform developed by Turkish engineers to increase the level of knowledge and practice of anyone working in private companies, public institutions and organizations or those interested in cyber security.

Improve Your Staff

You can measure the necessary skills and competencies of your team with a proactive approach with the Cyber Range program, which will be prepared by considering the resources, scope and risk status of our institution. Increase team durability and be prepared for the new risks of the digital world with PriviaHub Enterprise.

Service Evaluation

PriviaHub Enterprise offers a versatile technical dimensioning and analysis environment for the services you want to receive from third party companies. In this way, you can achieve new successes in proactive security by increasing the quality standards of the services to be received.

PoC Module

Save time and resources by performing the PoC and demo processes of the products you plan to purchase for your organization through PriviaHub Enterprise. You can safely test and report the capabilities of hardware independent products in a network isolated from the corporate network.
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50+ Different Technologies

PriviaHub offers an advanced cybersecurity experience using more than fifty technologies in its infrastructure. It provides integration support to the technologies used in the infrastructures of institutions.
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