The PriviaHub Education version can be used in all education and training institutions that train cyber security experts. In this way, you can turn your institution into a cyber security training and exercise center and support it with special certification programs.

Cyber Range Platform

By means of the laboratory support and special reports we provide, students' success in the field of cyber security can be measured and their missing areas can be identified.

At the same time, students supported by education and simulation modules can gain experience on the scenarios we have prepared with inspiration from real life, as well as the theoretical knowledge they have received in the field of cyber security.

Scenarios on PriviaHub, developed with inspiration from real institution/corporate networks, provide a unique experience environment for cyber security experts. All the scenarios on the platform improve participants' cyber security skills by aiming to learn the most up-to-date techniques in the real world by a series of tools and methods. Administrators can report the skills of the participants through the web interface. In addition, an advanced interface is provided where managers can measure staff skills according to the difficulty levels of machine, scenario or attack vectors.

Administrators can create special simulations for participants, to learn theoretical and practical information on the PriviaHub Cyber Range Platform. PriviaHub, which provides the participants with continuous exercises in the face of current threats, also provides support for team work. Participants who gain skills to overcome the operational challenges of the cyber security ecosystem in the face of threats gain the ability to work interdisciplinary by forming teams among themselves. Training qualified cyber security experts in the face of cyber threats is more important than using the most advanced defense technologies.

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