PriviaHub can be integrated into Cloud-based systems with its technology infrastructure and advanced simulation support and can be positioned within the organization as On-Premise. The product models we offer as PriviaHub are determined according to the institutional needs. We are at your service with our PriviaHub model options that you can use as Cloud and On-Premise.


PriviaHub offers an infrastructure integrated with cloud systems. In this way, saves time and resources by working integrated with cloud systems such as Azure, Amazon, Google Cloud. Our customers can deploy our PriviaHub product to their own cloud environments according to their preferences, or use our cloud infrastructure that we offer to each organization in distributed data centers as Privia Security.


In addition to the Cloud integration of PriviaHub, there is also an on-premise version that organizations can use in their infrastructure. With On-Premise support, all management and access on resources within the organization can remain within the corporate network and can be isolated and used from the internet environment.

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