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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I update my profile photo?
Only our VIP users in the system have the privilege to change their profile photo (avatar). Our standard users can only choose from existing avatars proposed by the system.
What is the difference between UDP and TCP in VPN preference?
It is possible to access systems with both VPNs. However, UDP VPNs have faster network communication due to the nature of the protocol used. You can change your VPN preferences according to the structure of the network you are on.
How to apply for job postings?
You can use our 'Career' page to apply for jobs in the system. Keep in mind; all the machines and questions you solve in the system prioritize you in business life
How can I send feedback?
In order to provide feedback to all machines and CTF questions, you must first enter 'Bonus Questions' and 'Flags' into the system.
How do I add my university?
If you cannot see your university on the 'Universities' page, you can have your university created by using the 'Support' module.
How do I register my club?
By using the 'Support' module to add your club at your university, you can submit your club's request to be created to our team.
How can I send a write-up?
You can send the write-ups to us by using the 'Write-up' menu in the 'Knowledge Base' module. Keep in mind; write-ups will only be released when machines are retired. New write-ups will not be accepted for the machines that sent 3 Write-ups.
What tools should I use in machine solutions?
The solution of each machine is different. By reading the write-ups in our 'Knowledge Base' module, you can see the phases and tools we use in the solutions of the machines.
How to resolve machines without IP Address?
Machines whose IP address is not specified and shown as '' are solved only by post-exploitation techniques. Keep in mind; In order to infiltrate systems that are not explicitly addressed, you must have solved the previous machines in the scenario.
What does Pablo do?
Pablo is an 'Helper Assistant' that we have developed to assist you at every step. You can access it by clicking 'Pablo' on all pages you visit.
I cannot log in. How do I get support?
If you have problems logging in to the system, you can contact us at [email protected].
How is the success score calculated?
We use the machines and CTFs you have solved in the system to calculate the success score. There is a special scoring system according to the difficulty level of each machine and CTF in the system.
Do you have other questions?
If you can't find the answer to your question in our FAQ, you can always contact us. We will reply you as soon as possible!
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